2023 Sustainability Report

Updated October 2023

About This Report

While we do not claim universal pursuit of every sustainable initiative imaginable, we also do not take a one-size-fits-all approach to sustainability.


Our investment strategies, types of capital deployed, partnerships, windows of market opportunity, and varying degrees of operational control drive us to identify and create practical strategies around the areas we find most material to our mission, and we endeavor to continue forward progress each year. We have chosen the key focus areas highlighted in the chart below. These focus areas are aligned with our mission and fiduciary duty, while being practical to the given investment strategy.


Quantitative data in this report covers the calendar year 2022, while qualitative data covers calendar year 2022 through the rebrand to Affinius Capital in March 2023.

April 2024

The Current Opportunity for CRE Lending

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March 2024

2024 House View: North American Property Market Outlook

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December 2023

Investment Opportunities In European Commercial Real Estate Debt

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UK Residential Paper

October 2023

2023 To Rent or Own?

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September 2023

2023 State of the U.S. Housing Market

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