Frequently Asked Questions


Where will the summer internships be located?

Summer internships are available in our corporate headquarters in San Antonio, Texas.

Do you provide any temporary housing assistance?

A variety of temporary housing options are available, so interns can find the right home away from home for the summer.

What if I need a workplace accommodation?

If you require any workplace accommodations, please let your recruiter know in advance, if possible. This will help us plan for your arrival.

If I perform well, could I expect to receive an offer prior to the internship ending?

As your graduation approaches, our team is ready to support your pursuit of full-time job placement based on your expected graduation date and opportunities available at that time. We do not offer full-time employment during the internship period; however, we will stay connected with you following the internship to continue the dialogue about your career interests and available opportunities.

Rotational Analyst Program

How are the four departments selected?

The departments are selected based on the following: 1) Your interest, 2) Business needs/initiatives, and 3) Your skill set/experience. The program manager will work closely with you to determine your rotation selections.

What if I want to change my selected rotation departments?

We recognize that your desired department selections may change once you begin employment with us. You can discuss available alternatives with the executive sponsor throughout the duration of the program.

Can I rotate through the regional offices?

Currently, rotational opportunities are only offered in the San Antonio corporate office.

What happens after the completion of the two-year course?

Our team is ready to support your pursuit of full-time job placement by reviewing available opportunities with you upon completion of the program.

Can I apply for a full-time position at the end of the two years?

Once the first sixth-month rotation is completed, participants are eligible to apply for full-time job openings.

Is relocation assistance available for out-of-town applicants?

Yes, we work with each candidate to determine what type of assistance is needed.